Time is what keeps everything from happening at once.

Most of the support requests received by Alchemy Mindworks involve minor issues which are addressed by our support people in minimal time, and at no cost. If your problem is larger than our support people can address as part of our no-cost support services, you probably need our fee-based support products.

Fee-based support costs $278.00 (US) per quarter hour (15 minutes), or fraction thereof. Prices are subject to change without notice. The fee for this support is payable at the time the work is undertaken, and is applicable whether we are able to produce the result you require or not. You're paying for the time of the support people involved, not for a specific result.

Fee-based support can address issues including, but not exclusive to:

  • Problems with complex document, file or executable structures involving Alchemy Mindworks products.
  • Having Alchemy Mindworks products read or write application- or vendor-specific document files.
  • Custom versions of Alchemy Mindworks products. Note that in addition to development costs, custom versions of our products typically entail software licensing fees as well.
  • Custom ANIMAL applets.
  • Custom animation, page design, CGI or on-line applications.
  • Custom application development.

Our fee-based support is not available to address issues of product compatibility, and we will not undertake work which in our opinion may be:

  • Illegal, or of questionable legality.
  • Intended to circumvent or disable the security or product integrity of another developer's application, data or service.
  • Unethical.
  • Not within the purview of our expertise.
  • Not within the scope of our available resources.

Alchemy Mindworks' fee-based support is available contingent upon our resources at the time of the request. The existence of this document does not constitute our commitment to provide the services described herein. Alchemy Mindworks reserves the right to decline any support request it sees fit, for any reason. Fee-based support requests which are not accepted by Alchemy Mindworks will not be charged for.


To initiate a fee-based support request, please contact our support services — see our mail page and select the Support destination. Indicate that you are inquiring about fee-based support to avoid being directed to this document again.

Describe your problem to our support staff in as much detail and as clearly as possible. We will ascertain whether we can assist you with fee-based support. Please note that the nature of your support issue will determine whether we are able to provide you with an estimate of the time required.

Payment for fee-based support can be made by Visa, American Express or Mastercard. We will require a FAX or snail-mailed document which includes:

  1. The title FEE-BASED SUPPORT REQUEST near the top of the first page of your document.
  2. Your explicit authorization for Alchemy Mindworks to debit your card for fee-based support.
  3. The maximum amount which we are permitted to charge your card for the support you have requested, or a statement that you do not wish to impose a maximum charge for the fee-based support you have requested.
  4. The following statement, exactly as it appears here:

    The cardholder hereby engages Alchemy Mindworks to provide the support services described in this document, and authorizes Alchemy Mindworks to charge the credit card appearing herein for these services. The cardholder understands that these services will be billed at a rate of $278.00 (US) per fifteen minute unit, or any fraction thereof. The cardholder understands that the charges described herein constitute payment for the time of Alchemy Mindworks' expert staff, and are not specific payment in expectation of a desired result or outcome. The cardholder agrees to pay the charges for these services whether Alchemy Mindworks resolves the service request to the cardholder's satisfaction or not. The cardholder agrees to accept Alchemy Mindworks' statement of the time expended to provide the services described herein without dispute. The cardholder agrees that the charges applied to the cardholder's credit card as a result of this transaction are not refundable for any reason.

  5. A detailed description of the problem or issue which you are requesting Alchemy Mindworks to resolve. Explain everything about your problem as clearly as possible. Be advised that you will be billed for the time required to contact you for clarification of your problem description if Alchemy Mindworks' staff doesn't understand your request.
  6. A deadline for the completed work, if this is applicable. Note that if you impose a deadline which we lack sufficient resources to meet, we will not accept your support request, and no charges will be applied to your credit card.
  7. A clear photocopy of the front and back of your credit card.
  8. The cardholder's name, credit card billing address, daytime telephone number, e-mail address and signature.

Please number and initial each page of your document. You can FAX your support request to us at (705) 789-7781, or send it by snail-mail to:

Alchemy Mindworks
L10 C8 Brunel
Huntsville, Ontario
P1H 2J3

Be advised that snail-mail to Canada is particularly snaily at present. If you're in a hurry, we recommend a FAX.

In the event that you need to send us physical media, such as a CD-ROM, your package must have an Alchemy Mindworks RMA number clearly displayed on its exterior. Our support staff will provide you with an RMA number for your package at such time as we accept your support request. For legal and security reasons, packages sent to us without a valid RMA number clearly displayed on the exterior of the package will be returned or destroyed.

Legal stuff: Our e-mail address is provided solely for communication with users of software and other products of Alchemy Mindworks Inc, and for questions specific to our on-line services, such as this web page. Do not send unsolicited advertising, chain letters, automatic messages or other spam to this address. Abuse of our e-mail resources may result in legal action or a leather-winged demon of the night dining on your pancreas.

See Death to Spam for more about e-mail abuse and our policies thereon.

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