For Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Create professional interactive multimedia Windows applications with your graphics, music, video and other content... even if your only computer programming experience to date has involved an eight-pound hammer and a chainsaw.

No knowledge of Windows or other nasty digital stuff is required.

Presentation Wizard will assemble:

  • Interactive photograph albums — its Photo Album Wizard can create them in seconds.
  • Slide shows.
  • Digital portfolios that are way too cool to ignore.
  • Electronic books and brochures — add formatted, scrollable paragraph text.
  • Clickable catalogs. Paper catalogs can't talk — electronic catalogs can.
  • Splash screens.
  • Custom Windows applications — replace days of costly programming with a few clicks.
  • Multimedia presentations that include music, sounds, video, animations and still graphics.

...and just about anything else you can think of that will fit in a window. Unlike other presentation packages, Presentation Wizard's document files are entirely self-displaying. It creates Windows EXE application files which can subsequently be viewed without any additional software.


Presentation Wizard's presentations can be e-mailed, downloaded from a web server, distributed on disk or CD-ROM and generally passed around without worrying about their eventual recipients having specific viewing software installed on their systems. Any computer running a current version of Windows will be able to open a Presentation Wizard document.

This software is available for electronic delivery and on CD-ROM.

Eagles don't flock.

  • Build quick electronic slide shows.
  • graphicDesign electronic books that include pictures, sounds, video and interactive elements.
  • Write your own clickable advertisements, to distribute alone or with other products.
  • Assemble a distributable portfolio of your artwork.
  • Distribute your presentations with no viewers, run-times or DLLs to lose.

Presentation Wizard

A Presentation Wizard presentation can be thought of as being analogous to a very intuitive book. Each page of the book can include pictures, animations, video, sounds and Windows controls such as buttons and list boxes. The pages can turn themselves or wait for their users to click on Next. Unlike the pages of a traditional book, they can talk to their readers if you like.

We suggest that you give the readers of your presentations a bit of warning should you have the pages you create talk unexpectedly — especially if some of them have weak hearts.

Whether you'd like to be able to e-mail an electronic photograph album to your relatives, distribute advertisements with a shippable product, allow users of your web page to download a multimedia catalog, show prospective clients samples of your work or assemble books that would have sent Johannes Gutenberg screaming from his workshop, wondering desperately if wasn't too late to invent the paperclip instead, Presentation Wizard will transform your ideas into a complete, professional Windows application.

Should you wish to contact us about this application, please send us some e-mail.

IMPORTANT: Presentation Wizard requires access to the Internet to validate itself after installation. Please see the discussion of registration key security for a detailed discussion of this functionality.


The best things in life aren't things.

Downloading and installation of this software: You can ensure yourself of a problem-free installation by reviewing our downloading and installation instructions. The downloadable installer can be used to install either an evaluation copy or a fully-functional registered copy of this application.

Important: You might see a warning during download or installation of these installers concerning possible "malicious code." These messages are generated by Windows if you attempt to download and install most non-Microsoft software. They can be safely ignored.

Norton Antivirus users: Norton security products may generate spurious warnings about downloaded software installers, including some of ours. They appear as WS.Reputation alerts. Norton may delete incoming downloads when it generates this warning. WS.Reputation is not a virus — it's apparently an internal reputation ranking maintained by Symantec, which gets confused from time to time. Please see our support blog for more about it. In the event that you encounter this warning, we recommend that you disable Norton Antivirus to complete your download. It does not indicate the presence of a virus or malware in our installer.

The current Alchemy Mindworks installation CD-ROM ships with Presentation Wizard 5.0a revision 1.

Click on one of the following links to download Presentation Wizard 5.0a revision 4. This file is 18,126,848 bytes in length.


Presentation Wizard:   Alchemy Mindworks Download 1
Presentation Wizard:   Alchemy Mindworks Download 2
Presentation Wizard:   Alchemy Mindworks Download 3

The downloadable installer for Presentation Wizard includes an example presentation that illustrates some of its coolest features.

Alchemy Mindworks' applications won't install spyware, malware or other invasions of your privacy, and we're extremely careful about virus scans. Learn more about the security of our downloaded installers.

I didn't do it and I'll never do it again.

Thanks to everyone who has asked for a logo graphic for Presentation Wizard. If you'd like a graphic link at your page for Presentation Wizard, please download this banner.

(We ask that you not reference this graphic from the server, as the file name may change.)

There's always free cheese in a mousetrap.

The HTML to add it to your page is:

<a href="">
<img border=0 vspace=20 hspace=20 src="presweb.gif"
alt="Presentation Wizard by Alchemy Mindworks"></a>

Presentation Wizard 4: Presentation Wizard 4 has reached the end of its development cycle, and we don't anticiapte any further updates to it. To continue to enjoy the periodic enhancements, improvements and new features of Presentation Wizard, we recommend that users of Presentation Wizard 4 upgrade to the current Presentation Wizard 5 software while the half-price upgrade is available.

Presentation Wizard 2: Presentation Wizard 2 has reached its end of life and transcended this ethereal plane — at least, we're pretty sure that's what the bright light and the bad singing meant — and it has been removed from distribution. We recommend that users of Presentation Wizard 2 register Presentation Wizard 5. Downloadable installers for Presentation Wizard 2 are no longer available.

Please be sure to review the terms and conditions for distributing Presentation Wizard's documents. There's nothing particularly ominous therein, but the lawyers would have screamed loudly enough to have been heard in Patagonia if we hadn't included them.

The monitor graphic is used under license from DryIcons.

Presentation Wizard™ is a trademark of Alchemy Mindworks Corporation.