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If you have lost the registration code for an Alchemy Mindworks application, this page will assist you in recovering it. We offer three levels of lost code replacement.

Option 1: This might be a good time to upgrade the registration for your software. Doing so will get you a replacement code, and you can have us send you a fresh CD with the current release of your software if you wish. Our Upgrade Policy page will explain the details.

Option 2: The Lost Registration Code Robot is a software-driven database search. It will collect information about your original registration and search the user database. Because the robot is just software, you will need to provide it with reasonably accurate details for it to successfully recover your code.

Being software, we don't have to write a pay check for the Lost Registration Code Robot, and as such, we won't have to charge you to use it.

Option 3: If you can't provide the Lost Registration Code Robot with sufficient information to find your code — or if you don't wish to spend the time to do so — an Alchemy Mindworks staff member can perform an exhaustive database search for your lost code. Such a search is arguably more likely to find your code, even if you're not certain where you lived when you registered the application in question. People are smarter than robots. People want to be paid for being smarter than robots, however, and this option costs $7.99 (US) per search.

Please select one of the following to proceed.

Option 1

Select the Upgrade Order Page to upgrade your current software registration.

Option 2

Select the no-cost Lost Registration Code Robot to search for your code.

Option 3

Select the Fee-based Code Search to have a staff member search for your code.


Graphic Workshop Professional 2 and GIF Construction Set Professional 2 users: The version 2 releases of these applications have reached their end of life. Installers for them are no longer in distribution, and we are unable to provide code replacements for these products.