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For Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

This software is used to check the integrity of installer archives downloaded from the Alchemy Mindworks web page. CRC is freeware.

The CRC program calculates a "cyclical redundancy check" value for the files you specify. In effect, it performs a complex calculation on every byte in the file, generating a unique number for the file in question. If so much as a single byte in the file being checked were to change, the cyclical redundancy check value for that file would also change.

If you know the CRC value for a file before it is downloaded, you can compare it with the CRC value generated by this software after the file has been downloaded to ascertain whether the file was damaged in transit. The odds of two files having the same CRC value are even longer than the odds of winning a state-run lottery — along the lines of one in 4,294,967,296.

CRCYou can obtain the CRC values for downloadable files at the Alchemy Mindworks web page by clicking on the Verify buttons in the downloadable file areas.

Here's what a CRC check looks like. Please note that this example illustrates the check for a specific build of Graphic Workshop Professional. If you use this software to check a later version of Graphic Workshop, the CRC check value will change — do not compare your software to this example. The correct CRC checks for the files you have downloaded can be found at the blue CRC buttons around the Alchemy Mindworks web page.


To use the CRC check system:

  1. Download and install the CRC software. This will create a Windows desktop icon called "CRC".
  2. Download the software installer for the application you're interested in, for example, GIFConstructionSet.MSI to install GIF Construction Set Professional.
  3. Once you have completed the download, click on the blue CRC button next to the link where you downloaded it. Write down the eight-character CRC integrity check value that's displayed.
  4. Run the CRC software you installed on your system and navigate to where you downloaded the shareware you want to check. Double click on this file and a dialog like the one above will appear with an eight-character CRC integrity check value. Compare this to the one displayed by the blue CRC button at our download link. If they match, the files are identical — nothing got damaged in transit — and it's safe to run the installer and use your downloaded software.

It's important to keep in mind that very few downloads get damaged over the internet — the CRC integrity check system offers you additional insurance that nothing nasty is about to happen, and is exceedingly useful in working through installation problems. It will quickly ascertain whether you have a damaged download.

Should you wish to contact us about this application, please send us some e-mail.

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Downloading and installation of this software: You can ensure yourself of a problem-free installation by following our downloading and installation instructions. Note that this will open a new browser window — you will not lose your current page.

Important: You might see a warning during download or installation of these installers concerning possible "malicious code." These messages are generated by Windows if you attempt to download and install most non-Microsoft software. They can be safely ignored.

Norton Antivirus users: We've become aware that Norton security products may generate spurious warnings about downloaded software installers, including some of ours. They appear as WS.Reputation alerts. In some configurations, Norton will delete incoming downloads when it generates this warning. WS.Reputation is not a virus — it's apparently an internal reputation ranking maintained by Symantec, which gets confused from time to time. Please see our support blog for more about it. In the event that you encounter this warning, we recommend that you disable Norton Antivirus to complete your download. It does not indicate the presence of a virus or malware in our installer.

Vista users: Vista's internal security may cause it to display a window that says "this program might not have installed correctly" after you run a downloaded installer for non-Microsoft software. You can click on "installed correctly" if it appears, and ignore the warning.

Click on one of the following links to download the CRC Checker. This file is 472,432 bytes in length.


Alchemy Mindworks Download 1: CRC32.EXE.
Alchemy Mindworks Download 2: CRC32.EXE.

Alchemy Mindworks' applications won't install spyware, malware or other invasions of your privacy, and we're extremely careful about virus scans. Learn more about the security of our downloaded installers.