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For Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Include digital video clips at your web page, in your PowerPoint presentations, with your e-mail messages and in Presentation Wizard documents — without the unprofessional jumps and hiccups that appear every time they loop. The Loops #1 plugin will apply your choice of twenty professional special-effect loop transitions to your digital video animations so they repeat smoothly.

If it were any cooler, it would violate at least a dozen laws of physics and make every polar bear north of the arctic circle really grouchy.

We hasten to add that the Loops #1 plugin can be applied to animations that didnít originate in a video camera as well — the haunted lightning machine, above, for example.

The Loops #1 pluginís effects include Airlock, Blinds, Blocks, Collapse, Credits, diamonds, Dissolve, Expand, Fade, Fuse, Radar, Sandstorm, Slide, Tiles and Vortex.

Open the Loops #1 demonstration window for some examples of what this plugin can do. Depending on your network connection, it might take a minute or two for all the examples to load and begin animating correctly.

NOTE: The animations in the demonstration window are stored as Flash objects, rather than as GIF files, to minimize their file sizes. You can do so as well, using the Export to SWF option of GIF Construction Set and PNG MNG Construction Set.

This plugin can be installed in GIF Construction Set Professional 8 and PNG MNG Construction Set 8.

Loops #1

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The best things in life aren't things.

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Click on one of the following links to download Loops #1 Plugin 8.0a revision 1. This file is 11,387,392 bytes in length.


Loops 1 Plugin:   Alchemy Mindworks Download 3
Loops 1 Plugin:   Alchemy Mindworks Download 1
Loops 1 Plugin:   Alchemy Mindworks Download 2

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