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The world's most popular GIF editor is GIF Construction Set Professional and one of the main reasons is its many built-in GIF editor features.

The GIF editor let you professionally and quickly edit still and animated GIF files or import a number of graphic file formats for conversion to the GIF file format. The many tools provided by the GIF editor help you edit GIF animations, convert AVI files, add transparency, optimize graphics for your web pages or port your GIF animations to PowerPoint presentations.

  • GIF Construction Set Professional is the essential GIF editor and web authoring tool for your web graphics. The GIF editor lets you create and supercompress your still and animated GIF files, edit the timing of animations, edit the sequence of animation frames, prepare transparent GIF images, or quickly generate banners, create clickable buttons, shadow text and lots more for web design; at

  • Alchemy Mindworks, the creator of the GIF editor and other graphics software and tutorials, which help you optimize your graphic images for use on the web.

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Basic Capabilities of the GIF Editor

GIF Construction Set Professional, Pentium optimized for Windows 95/98/2000/NT, is the GIF editor and GIF animation program for creating animated and transparent GIF files for your web designs. At its simplest level, the GIF editor can be used to optimize a single GIF file or assemble and optimize your source images of an animation sequence. The basic capabilities of the GIF editor include:

  • Animation Wizard, a function to assemble animations from your source cells wherein the GIF editor automates most functions, doing pretty much all the work;
  • Supercompressor, which analyses your still and animated GIF files and looks for ways the GIF editor can store them in smaller files;
  • Block Management, which gives you access to powerful GIF editor functions to resize, crop, colour-adjust and otherwise manipulate a single GIF file and multiple blocks in an animation;
  • Banners, to make sophisticated graphic text banners, with animation;
  • Transitions, to create animated transitions between still graphics;
  • Block Editors, to let you create and fine-tune your animations one image at a time; and
  • lots more for you to explore...

Yes, that's right. There is a lot more to the GIF editor and the power of GIF Construction Set Professional. However, the GIF editor has been structured to let you use as much or as little of it as you need, without having the rest of it get in your way.

GIF Construction Set Professional contains sophisticated GIF editor functions which let you build GIF files for your web design needs. With the built-in GIF editor functions, an intuitive user interface and the best block management tools available, you can be assured of quality management of your graphic elements. The GIF editor in GIF Construction Set Professional has extensive documentation and tutorials to assist even novice users in bypassing the usual learning curve for GIF optimization and animation.

Colours, The GIF Editor, The GIF Format and The Really Big Discrepancy

One of the primary functions of the GIF editor is to help you manage colours, which often is a monumental task. An image, as it’s seen by your eye and by things like digital cameras, scanners and most decent imaging software, is represented as "true colour." True-colour images, in a computer’s sense, present the GIF editor with up to 16,777,216 colours.

The GIF file format, which harkens back to the adolescence of personal computers, supports a maximum of 256 colours. The GIF editor must find some way to represent a true-colour image using no more than 256 colours, down somewhat from 16,777,216.

While GIF Construction Set Professional with its GIF editor functions will usually manage to shield you from the vicissitudes of the GIF format, it helps to know a few things about the nature of the GIF editor to make your GIF files and animations behave themselves.

To squeeze a true-colour image into a GIF file involves several steps. The GIF editor in GIF Construction Set Professional will handle it for you, but you may be called upon to make a choice concerning the selection or creation of the best 256-colour "palette" for the GIF editor to use.

In creating an animation, multiple true-colour images, each having its own range of colours, need be squeezed into a single palette of 256-colours. The GIF editor deals with this by deriving the best possible palette for all the images you selected for the animation.

Using GIF source images to build your animations is likely to confront you and the GIF editor with the least dire colour problems. By comparison, all images stored in true colour format can require that you be somewhat more aware of how the GIF editor will deal with too many colours. If you plan to work with source images in a variety of file formats, we strongly recommend that you check out Alchemy Mindworks’ Graphic Workshop Professional software to best manage file conversion and colour reduction.

GIF Construction Set Professional with its GIF editor functions is a powerful and exceedingly flexible application for creating web page graphics. To make the most of the GIF editor,

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