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GIF Construction Set Professional is the animation software by Alchemy Mindworks for your web graphics.

GIF Construction Set Professional is the software for animation. You can professionally and quickly create animated graphics for your web pages with Animation Wizard, add transparency to your GIF files, use supercompressor to make your GIF files smaller or port your GIF animations to your PowerPoint presentations.

You have found the world's most popular GIF animation software for your web design needs. Professionally create your animations and transparencies, convert your AVI files with

Create – Process – Compress
Animated Graphics For Your Web Pages

Animations – Transparent GIF Files – AVI files
Buttons – Banners – Transitions – Special Effects – and more...

GIF Construction Set Professional, Pentium optimized for Windows 95/98/2000/NT, is the animation software for creating animated and transparent GIF files for your web design. It features:

  • Animation Wizard - Create animations in minutes
  • Animated graphic transitions, Rotation, Sophisticated special effects...
  • Text Banners, LED Signs, Customizable Button Creator...
  • Supercompressor - squeeze them down to almost nothing
  • AVI conversion, Port GIF files to PowerPoint presentations...
  • Protection Matrix - Safeguard your intellectual property
  • and lots, lots more...

Get right down to things that flash and move.

GIF Construction Set Professional — the animation software built for your web design needs has an intuitive user interface and the best block management tools available. The animation software has extensive documentation and tutorials to assist even novice users in bypassing the usual learning curve for GIF animation.


Animation Software – The Supercompressor

In using animation software to create GIF files for the web, it’s important to make the final GIF files as small as possible. The unspeakable, breathtaking excellence of your animations won’t impress anyone if they lapse into a coma while waiting for your GIF files to download. Supercompressor is the feature in Alchemy Mindworks' animation software that squeezes your GIF files a little more – sometimes, a lot more.

"But," you may well interject, "GIF files are already compressed." You would be absolutely correct.

"But," we would then interject, "there's a hug and then there's a bear hug." It’s important to keep in mind what the animation software and Supercompressor are really up to.

You can instruct the animation software to turn Supercompressor lose on your GIF file. Supercompressor will attempt to meddle with the blocks in your GIF file to make them more compressible. In some cases, Supercompressor tells the animation program that it can do quite a bit in this respect, and in others it’s wholly ineffective. If there’s nothing to squeeze out of your GIF file, Supercompressor will not make it any smaller.

It is equally important to keep in mind that purple is not always purple. Animation software sees color for what it is, not what it appears to be. In using animation software to create web graphics, a color can have many closely related shades. Fine tuning your graphics for use in creating an animation or transparency could make the difference between a motherly hug and a bear hug.

The next section gives you an idea on how GIF files and animation software handle color. For much more about color and composition when using animation software for your web graphics, check out the article Build Banner Ads That Rock.


Animation Software – File Types

GIF Construction Set Professional will import images to create your animated or transparent graphics. The animation software allows you to use most of the popular image file formats. These include GIF, PNG, PCX, BMP and JPG.

The GIF format can support images having no more than 256 colors. As such, using GIF source images to build your animations or transparencies is likely to confront you with fewer color problems.

By comparison, all images stored in JPG files have 16,777,216 possible colors. Using JPG files as source images can require that you be more aware of how the animation software will deal with too many colors. A great deal of explanation and discussion on dealing with color and understanding file types is detailed in the extensive documentation and reference files in the animation software.

PNG, BMP and PCX files can contain images having anywhere from two to 16,777,216 colors. If you plan to work with source images in a variety of file formats, we strongly recommend that you check out Alchemy Mindworks’ Graphic Workshop Professional software to best manage file conversion and color reduction.

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Go to the information page for the animation software for more on GIF Construction Set Professional, take a look at Graphic Workshop Professional for more information on managing and editing your graphics or check out other innovative software applications by Alchemy Mindworks.

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