Time is what keeps everything from happening at once.

Alchemy Mindworks' support services are available by e-mail to provide you with a timely response to your questions. To ensure that your support requests reach the people best equipped to address them, please select the appropriate level of support, below.

Our customer service page can be used to deal with non-technical matters, such as ordering issues and questions about our web pages. If you just need to check the status of a recent order, our order status page can do that for you.

Our software support page can be used to request support for Alchemy Mindworks' software, and to ask pre-sales questions that deal with specific features of our products. Yes, it's a longer form to complete than the e-mail page — the software support request page will collect information to assist our support staff in resolving your support issues and provide you with the most appropriate answers to your questions.

The lost registration code page will get you to resources for recovering a lost registration code.

The customer service and software support pages each have links to pages of support guidelines. If this is your first time using Alchemy Mindworks' support services, we urge you to read these. They'll assist you in making the best use of our support resources, and will help us get you a useful answer to your questions in the shortest possible time.

Please select one of the following to proceed.

Option 1

Select Customer Service for
non-technical issues.

Option 2

Select Software Support for software-specific issues.

Option 3

Select the Lost Code page to recover a lost registration code.