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For over three decades, Graphic Workshop has been the known universe's most popular image management package, and the ultimate digital darkroom.

Empower your graphics with the definitive volume for this seminal application. Written by the development team that created Graphic Workshop, this book features an exhaustive encyclopedic reference, tutorials, inside details and step-by-step walk-throughs for every aspect of Graphic Workshop Professional.

The print edition of the Graphic Workshop Professional Reference includes the complete text of the documentation installed with Graphic Workshop, professionally formatted into an easy-to-access book. Distributed through Amazonís print-on-demand publishing channel, itís flawlessly printed and bound, and far more accessible than on-screen documentation.

Itís also as inexpensive as a book this big can be. If you have an Amazon Prime account or if you combine the Graphic Workshop Professional reference with other Amazon purchases to reach your free-shipping threshold, you wonít even have to pay for delivery.

This book contains everything there is to know about Graphic Workshop, and youíll be able to find it without staring at your monitor Ďtil your eyes melt.

It also includes an extensive reference for Graphic Workshop's ancillary applications:

  • Archive Manager
  • Camera Screen Capture
  • e-Paint UltraLight
  • GIF Construction Set UltraLight
  • Montage Builder UltraLight
  • Presentation Wizard UltraLight
  • Resource Extractor
  • Rotator
  • Scrapbook

Master digital imaging with the application that invented it — take the controls of Graphic Workshop Professional.

ISBN 978-1975849344 — 560 PAGES — PAPERBACK — ENGLISH

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The Graphic Workshop Professional Reference reflects the content and functionality of Graphic Workshop Professional 8 revision 1. Later revisions of Graphic Workshop Professional may include minor differences or additional capabilities which are not included in the printed reference.

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