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The biggest problem with traditional legends is that they’re pretty long-winded. Written to regale audiences in the taprooms and public houses of a time gone by when people had a lot more time to kill, they can ramble on for hours before they get to the point. This assumes that there’s actually a point to get to. After four hours of riveting narration about Lord Sir Wetzlethrobinbanger of Meth and the Dreaded Nose-Grendel from the Eleventh Level of the Netherworld, most medieval listeners weren’t leaning forward in their seats waiting for a trick ending.

This page features a selection of much shorter traditional legends. Actually, they’re hardly traditional – I just made them up – but if the authors of real traditional legends had foreseen the coming of television, sound bites, MP3’s and the world wide web, I feel certain this is the sort of stuff they’d have come up with.

Honest... this is the only even slightly naughty picture...

It is, after all, hardly our fault that the people who wrote real legends so many years ago thought that bellowing at the top of one’s lungs to the sound of a badly tuned harp and someone’s brother-in-law banging on a drum constituted the state of the art in entertainment technology. We shouldn't be constrained to live with their lack of perception.

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