No Spyware, No Viruses

No viruses: All Alchemy Mindworks software is scanned for viruses immediately prior to being uploaded to our servers. We use Microsoft Security Essentials, with its signature database updated just before it's run. All the development systems that touch distributable software are subject to strict security protocols, and regular virus scans.

No spyware: Alchemy Mindworks does not distribute spyware, adware or other forms of software that are intended to modify your computer, take over its operation or compromise your security. You will never see third-party advertisements on your system in any form as a result of installing or using Alchemy Mindworks products.

Our installers won't attempt to sneak tool bars, pop-ups or other add-on functionality into your web browser while you're not looking.

Alchemy Mindworks products do not modify system files during installation, and they install into private folders. If one of our installers needs to make changes to your registry or other system settings, it will inform you of its intentions and only proceed if you give it permission to do so.

The installers for our applications use Microsoft's MSI software installation database to insure that these products can be cleanly removed, should you decide to uninstall them.

No Alchemy Mindworks software includes functionality which would permit it to collect personal information from your computer or communicate anything back to our servers without your consent.

Alchemy Mindworks' downloadable installers are digitally signed, to make them resistant to tampering.

This document describes the intended policy of Alchemy Mindworks and the designed behavior of its software products as this writing. It is not intended as a binding contract, warrantee or commitment of any kind on the part of Alchemy Mindworks. If you have any questions about our software, we invite you to contact us.