This order page will collect your daytime telephone number for the sole purpose of completing your order.

As per our stated privacy policy, your telephone number will never be disclosed to third parties, nor will we use it to attempt to sell you anything. We have a deep, resonant loathing for telemarketers, and we have nothing to do with them.

The only circumstances under which we will contact you by voice telephone are:

  1. To confirm your order: In some cases, we are required to confirm e-commerce orders by phone. This cuts down on fraud and keeps our bank happy. We should note that we will call you, and as such, we'll be paying for the call.

  2. To resolve questions about your order: If there's an aspect of your order which is unclear, we may call you to make sure we get it right the first time. For example, if you order plugins but you don't appear to have the appropriate application to plug them into, we might call to make sure we're not about to sell you software you can't use.

  3. To address credit card issues: If your credit card is declined when we attempt to complete your order, we may call you to resolve the problem in the most timely manner possible. As an aside, if this happens, the odds-on favorite is that we have the wrong expiry date for your card.

  4. To address e-mail issues: If we attempt to e-mail your software registration keys to you, or otherwise contact you by e-mail in conjunction with your order or a subsequent request for software support or customer service, and our message to you bounces, we may contact you by telephone to let you know that we've been unable to send you e-mail.

We ask that you provide us with a working voice telephone number, preferably one that's accessible during the day.

Immediately below the order page field to accept your telephone number, you'll find a selection list you can use to specify the most convenient time for us to contact you. In that we don't want to call and wake you up, interrupt your dinner, drag you away from your favorite television program or otherwise jangle your phone at an inappropriate moment, please set this field accordingly.

Note that we'll determine the local time at your location before we call.

We hasten to add that no one from Alchemy Mindworks will ever call you and ask you to disclose your credit card number or other personal information.