Registration Name

Alchemy Mindworks applications require a registration key which will be keyed to your name. The name in question is referred to as your "registration name." By default, your registration name will be the same as the name in your shipping address.

Should you want your software registered to a name other than the one in your shipping address, please complete the Alternate Name field in the order form.

Registration names must be between nine and 28 characters long, and consist of exactly two words, such as your first and last name.

Please note that we are unable to provide registration codes for concocted names. If you wish to have your software registered to a company name, the company name must be in your shipping address.

Software updates are always registered to the registration name of the original license.

We hasten to add that we prefer to use your real name as your registration name largely for your benefit. If you lose your registration keys a few years hence and you contact us for assistance in recovering them, you're almost certain to remember the name everyone addresses you by... and perhaps less so a catchy made-up name from ages past.