Mailing List

If you enable the E-mail Update List option, your e-mail address will be added to our automatic mailing list. This list will e-mail you whenever we release new software or books, and when we update the Alchemy Mindworks web page.

We're very particular about how e-mail and mailing lists are used. We won't share your e-mail address with anyone, even if the party in question claims to be God and can produce three pieces of photo-ID to prove it. The only mail you'll receive as a result of your signing up for this list will be from us.

You can remove your address from the list at any time — visit our web page, click on SUPPORT and use the E-Mail Update List option to unsubscribe.

The messages received by subscribers to the Alchemy Mindworks mailing list will contain no adult content unless you typically find a lot of suggestive subliminal messages in discussions of software and such. We are unable to send selective postings to individual subscribers — if you sign up for the list, you'll receive everything sent to it. Having said this, keep in mind that it's fairly narrow list, with relatively few postings.