Presentation Wizard

Presentation Wizard will build self-displaying, interactive slide shows, electronic books and brochures, clickable advertisements, distributable portfolios and all sorts of other multimedia Windows applications. Almost everything it can accomplish requires nothing more than a few mouse clicks. It has a learning curve so short as to make the operation of your feet seem technical and obtuse by comparison.

A Presentation Wizard presentation consists of a number of pages. Each page can include pictures, animations, sounds and Windows controls such as buttons and list boxes. The pages can turn themselves or wait for their users to click on Next. Unlike the pages of a traditional book, they can talk to their readers if you like.

Whether you'd like to be able to e-mail an electronic photograph album to your relatives, distribute advertisements with a shippable product, allow users of your web page to download a multimedia catalog, show prospective clients samples of your work or assemble books that would have sent Johannes Gutenberg screaming from his workshop, wondering desperately if wasn't too late to invent the paperclip instead, Presentation Wizard will transform your ideas into a complete, professional Windows application.

No knowledge of Windows programming or other nasty digital stuff is required.

Key Features