Refine your photographs, draw animation cells, unleash your inner artist or attach the head of your least favorite politician to the body of a small dog – e-Paint is cool enough to shatter penguins.

e-Paint is a Windows paint application — unlike numerous Windows paint "programs." It's easy to use, quick to learn and less difficult to master than many brands of soap. If you're able to work the web browser that's displaying this document, you have all the necessary skills to successfully operate e-Paint.

It has a very short learning curve. It's also reasonably priced.

You'll find e-Paint to be the perfect tool for fine-tuning your digital photographs; drawing cells for web page animations; creating original artwork; building graphics for business presentations or, if you're employed by one of the supermarket tabloids, gluing the head of the president of the United States onto the body of an extraterrestrial. It has few limits, and in the latter example, very little shame.

Key Features


The title graphic in this window, Girl with Tattoos, is by Sarah Wissink, and is used under license from freeimages.com.