Pagan Daybook

Pagan Daybook is a calendar to keep track of the days of the week, the ancient and modern tides and the pagan festivals and observances that fall on each day of the year. Far more interesting than a conventional calendar, it's something unique to put in the Startup group of Windows, or use as your screen saver. Never again miss another solstice... or, perhaps more importantly, another saturnalia.

Pagan Daybook features an extensive database of listings — with five or six thousand years of civilization to draw on, it has at least one observance for every day of the year — full color graphics, an integrated screen saver, animation, user-configurable entries, selectable themes and various bits of magick. It includes a searchable calendar to allow you to query its database of observances.

WARNING: This software contains references to pagan beliefs and details from classical paintings in which some of the subjects aren't wearing very much. If this sort of thing offends you, please do not install Pagan Daybook.

Key Features