A Prelude to Dark Ages
by ancientmusick.com

A Prelude to Dark Ages includes six tracks from a somewhat mythical full-length work scheduled for release when the band gets around to finishing it. This is also the first of the ancientmusick.com CDs to include absolutely no ancient music, at least in the accepted sense of the term.

There are unquestionably those who would describe the jazz influences heard throughout these recordings as being positively medieval. The band has little regard for reactionary low-attention-span crypto-liberal extraterrestrials such as these. The past works, and it does so without a WiFi interface.

Such that the name of the band not seem entirely irrelevant or deliberately misleading – musicians never indulge in that sort of behavior – Steve points out that there's a short Elizabethan-esque bourree worked into Trio or Menage a Trois, right after the really loud crunch guitar part.