Loops #1 Animation Plugin

Transform your short digital video clips and other live content into professional micro-movies with twenty special-effect end-loop transitions. Lose the awkward jumps as your animations restart. Get yourself a folding chair with "director" printed on the back.

Include digital video clips at your web page, in your PowerPoint presentations, with your e-mail messages and in Presentation Wizard documents without the jumps that appear every time they loop. The Loops #1 plugin will apply your choice of twenty professional special-effect loop transitions to your digital video animations so they repeat smoothly.

We hasten to add that the Loops #1 plugin can be applied to animations that didnt originate in a video camera as well — the haunted faucet, above, for example.

Key Features:

Note that you must have a registered copy of GIF Construction Set Professional 8 or PNG MNG Construction Set 8 to enter the registration key for this plugin.