Font Wrangler

Install, move, remove, rename, retitle and browse TrueType fonts under Windows, with batch processing and visual previews.

Windows' facility for supporting TrueType fonts isn't really matched by its facilities for managing them. While few Windows users will have trouble keeping track of the dozen or so typefaces that come with Windows, there are innumerable sources of much more interesting fonts.

If you install several hundred fonts in Windows, you'll probably find that keeping track of them using nothing more than the font management tools in the Windows control panel will become taxing at best. Simply installing new fonts is analogous to juggling live polecats in a dark room after midnight. Remembering what all your installed fonts look like is still more adverturous.

Font Wrangler will install, move, remove, retitle and preview your TrueType fonts. It features batch processing to keep your mouse from melting down into a pool of molten plastic. Its intuitive use interface can be mastered in seconds.

If you have more than a handful of fonts — and especially if you like to collect new fonts — you'll find Font Wrangler to be a useful addition to Windows.

Key Features