Extreme Filters #1 Animation Plugin

Add a new dimension to your animations — preferably one that no living being is quite the same after visiting. The Extreme Filters #1 plugin will process your existing GIF and MNG animations to make them fracture reality, transcend human experience and play power chords on the neighbor's cat.

It's also shockingly easy to use, and extensively documented just in case you're not easily shocked.

The Extreme Filters #1 plugin's effects include Bump, Emboss, Explode, Gaussian Blur, Glass Block. HSB and Channels, Implode, Lens Flare, Motion Blur, Neon, Normalize, Obscure, Oil Painting, Radial Blur, Raster, Ripple, Solarize, Swirl, Water Drops and Zoom Blur the latter being responsible for transforming one of the example animations that ships with GIF Construction Set into the transdimensional multispatial animated iPod dock at the top of this window.

Key Features:

Note that you must have a registered copy of GIF Construction Set Professional 8 or PNG MNG Construction Set 8 to enter the registration key for this plugin.