Alpha Paint + Icon Editor

Alpha Paint is a sophisticated Windows paint application to draw and manage graphics with full alpha transparency. It will create professional web page images, eye-catching effects for social media, killer graphics for PowerPoint presentations, titles for videos and pretty much anything else that requires leading-edge art and transparency.

In addition, it will create and edit Windows icons.

Alpha Paint is intuitive, easy to use and it won't require that you get involved with complicated mathematics, higher-order spatial dimensions or a manual that requires more than one human lifetime to read. Anyone with sufficient eye-hand coordination to successfully operate a web browser should be able to master Alpha Paint in under an hour.

It's also reasonably priced.

Alpha Paint's features include a variety of selection tools; antialiased drawing and text; full alpha drawing resources, soft brushes, local undo, variable magnification and an intuitive user interface — you might not even need its extensive, accessible documentation and tutorials.

Key Features


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