This document addresses:

Software Registrations and Shipping Options: Except as noted elsewhere in this document, as soon as your software registration order is processed, you will receive a registration key by e-mail. You can use this key to register a downloaded copy of the application in question. This is applicable whether you have the software shipped to you on CD-ROM or not.

You may wish to have your software shipped to you on CD-ROM, in addition to downloading it, to provide yourself with a backup copy, should you need to reinstall the software in question at some time in the future.

As per PayPal's merchant rules, all orders paid by PayPal are shipped — the NO SHIP option is not available for PayPal orders.

If you select the NO SHIP option, you will not be charged for shipping and the only things you will receive will be the aforementioned e-mail message with your registration keys, and an e-mailed receipt. Nothing will be shipped to you by snail-mail.

Please note that we are unable to provide FAXed or mailed receipts for NO SHIP orders. You are responsible for downloading software to install your NO SHIP order. If you need a hard-copy receipt or if you are uncomfortable with downloading software, do not select the NO SHIP option.

The NO SHIP option is not applicable for CD-ROMs. If you order one or more CD-ROMs — items which by their nature must be shipped — your order will be handled as shippable and the appropriate shipping charges will apply.

Processing and Shipping Times: All orders for Alchemy Mindworks' software, CD-ROMs and other products will be processed within one business day, usually the same business day.

Barring monsoons, bear attacks and network outages, you'll usually receive an e-mail message with your registration keys within a few minutes of placing your order.

Shipping by air mail, despite its name, takes two to three weeks to destinations within North America, and three to four weeks for overseas shipments. You do not have to wait this long to use your software — you can download the software from our web page.

All shipments originate from within Canada.

Shipping Costs: Shipping by air mail costs $9.95 for software orders and other CD or CD-ROM-based products.

Add $2.05 for orders paid by PayPal.

You are responsible for any duties, fees or taxes levied by your customs, should they occur.

PayPal Customers: PayPal requires that all orders paid by PayPal be shipped to our customers — we are unable to provide a NO SHIP option for orders paid by PayPal. In addition, the type of shipping specified by PayPal requires a signature and costs a few dollars more.

If you order by PayPal, you will be e-mailed registration keys for your order as soon as your order is processed. Your keys will also be included with your shipped product.

Please do not disable the shipping address in your PayPal confirmation screen.

Non-delivery of Your Shipped Order: In the event that your shipment does not arrive within the time specified above, please contact us, confirming your shipping address. We'll send you an immediate replacement.

Orders From European Union Countries: As of July 1, 2003, the EU demanded that businesses outside the European Union which provide electronically-deliverable products to EU residents collect VAT on behalf of the European Union, a complex and labor-intensive undertaking.

In order to comply with the EU's tax requirements, we collect VAT on all electronically-deliverable orders for customers in EU countries. This applies only to NO SHIP orders for software. If your order is to be shipped, we will not collect VAT, but your shipment may be subject to VAT when it arrives, possibly with the addition of a processing fee charged by your government. Shipped orders will include a customs declaration with the value of the products purchased.

Because the process of accounting for and remitting VAT entails a cost and considerable work on our part, a nominal service charge will be applied to orders for which we collect VAT. We regret this added expense for our European customers — every bit as much as we regret having to collect the tax in the first place — and we hope you'll appreciate that we had little choice in the matter.

As always, we'll send you registration keys by e-mail as soon as your order is processed, allowing you to use downloaded copies of the software you've purchased immediately.

European Union countries include: