Please be certain to select the country your credit card billing address is located in, or will validate to.

Not to put too fine a point on it, if you reside in Canada — a country for which we're required to collect sales tax — and you select a country other than your own to avoid the tax, no one is likely to be fooled. We will be unable to process your order without charging you sales tax.

The Internet connection through which you're accessing this page has an IP address that references the country you're located in. The resulting IP country code will be included in your order as we receive it — you'll see it in the confirmation screen when you review your order — and our order processing software will compare it to the country you select.

Please accept our apology for all this stealth and dogma. We enjoy collecting sales tax about as much as you probably enjoy paying it, and we're aware that the governments which compel us to do so will only squander it on vote-buying schemes, perks for highly-placed functionaries and apparatchiks, exorbitant salaries for public-sector non-entities and pork.

This said, if we get caught failing to collect sales tax, we'll be up to our necks in lawyers for the rest of time, which is something we'd happily avoid.