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For Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

The Alchemy Mindworks Up To Date application will notify you of upgrades and patches for your Alchemy Mindworks software. If you wish, it will also tell you about new software releases, changes to our web pages and other products from Alchemy Mindworks.

Up To Date is a Windows application that runs when your system boots up, checks our web server for news and tells you about those items you've instructed it to bring to your attention.

Up To Date is configurable — you can set it up to show you as much or as little of its content as you like. If it has nothing to say that will interest you, you won't see Up To Date at all.

Up To Date has also been known to dispense bits of humor and entertainment from time to time if you permit it to do so.

The Up To Date application will not transmit any personal information from your system to our server.

Up To Date will tell you when your Alchemy Mindworks software needs to be updated, and provide you with convenient links to download the upgrades. It will not automatically install software on your system behind your back, or change anything else you don't want changed.

We invite you to use Up To Date even if you're not currently a registered user of Alchemy Mindworks' software.

Up To Date is a freeware application — there's no cost to use it.

Important: If you have installed the current releases of any of Alchemy Mindworks' applications, including Graphic Workshop Professional, GIF Construction Set Professional, PNG MNG Construction Set, Pagan Daybook, The Ultimate Screen Clock, Presentation Wizard, Calendar Wizard and Animation Workshop, Up To Date has been installed for you. Click on the Windows Start button, select Programs, select Alchemy Mindworks and then select Up To Date.

  • Checking the version and patch levels of your installed Alchemy Mindworks software against the version and patch levels of the current releases of these packages, and notifying you when your installed software is out of date.
  • Telling you when we release new packages, or patches for your products.
  • Apprising you of new features at our web page.
  • Alerting you when we have money-saving special offers available.
  • Informing you about our other products.

The Alchemy Mindworks Up To Date Q&A page offers answers to frequently asked questions about this software.


The monitor graphic is used under license from DryIcons.