This window illustrates a small sample of the graphics available in the Graphic Workshop Professional Textures and Fractals function, and in the Matt and Frame function, which can use textured backgrounds. You can create textures we've never dreamed of with this thing – the examples shown here illustrate a tiny portion of its capabilities.

This is an example of the Matt and Frame function of Graphic Workshop Professional, using a Mandelbrot fractal texture as its frame. The three-dimensional bevel is one of the Matt and Frame options.

This is a particle texture applied to the faces of a cube created by the 3D Effects #1 plugin for GIF Construction Set Professional. Graphic Workshop's Particle textures can be tiled to create seamless web page backgrounds, or as in this case, perfect 3D objects.

This is a Mandelbrot fractal, a tiny portion of complex number space zoomed in and colorized. You can create infinite fractal worlds with the Mandelbrot explorer in the Textures and Fractals function of Graphic Workshop.

This is a Noise texture created by the Textures and Fractals function of Graphic Workshop. It was subsequently sent through the View mode Emboss filter. The Textures and Fractals function links directly to View mode, making it easy to apply this kind of post-processing.

Plasma textures like this one can be used to create rough, stone-like surfaces, clouds and – if you crank up the controls a bit – images that look like they must have come from half way across the known universe.

Graphic Workshop's particle textures can simulate a number of complex surfaces – this one's called "Pumpkin in Freefall." The Particle texture generator offers a great deal of control over the texture engine – you can fiddle with it for hours.

This is an example of a Graphic Workshop Cloud texture – if you see clouds like this anywhere other than on your monitor, brace yourself for a serious air-quality alert. The Clouds texture model can also create more conventional clouds, and all sorts of non-vaporous effects.

The Perturbation texture model of the Textures and Fractals function is capable of a great many subtle effects – clearly, this isn't one of them. This texture could be seen from space. You probably wouldn't want to use this one as a web page background unless your page concerns itself with tie-dyed T-shirts or industrial accidents involving a great deal of paint.